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Expressions of interest to be an approved provider  for the provision of tier 4 drug and alcohol placements


The London Borough of Southwark (Southwark Council) is seeking to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) with an approved list of high quality and committed providers with whom it can work in partnership with to achieve the best possible outcomes for residents in the Borough that require the following four lots of Tier 4 Drug and Alcohol Placements:

  • Lot 1: Residential detoxification with residential rehabilitation or structured day programme services (drugs and / or alcohol)
  • Lot 2: Residential rehabilitation and quasi-residential rehabilitation services (inclusive of first stage, second stage and aftercare for abstinent drugs and / or alcohol)
  • Lot 3: Non-residential structured day programmes services (abstinent drugs and / or alcohol)
  • Lot 4: Residential detoxification, stabilisation and assisted withdrawal services (drugs and / or alcohol) 

Southwark Council’s vision is for an approved list of high quality, outcomes focused providers supplying a range of high quality, safe, person centered, evidence based and best value for money services. These services will offer choice to enable placements to be aligned with presenting needs and will seek to maximise positive treatment outcomes as well as to improve the health, wellbeing and life chances of complex drug and / or alcohol dependent service users who are unable to be effectively managed through engagement with Tier 3 services.

Southwark Council is seeking to establish the DPS, which will also enable other local authorities to access, for the following terms:

  • Lots 1, 2 and 3: an initial period of four (4) years commencing on 1 April 2018
  • Lot 4: an initial period of three (3) years and nine (9) months commencing on 1 July 2018

The tender will be conducted using e-procurement via London Portals. Interested organisations can register at https://procontract.due-north.com.


Contact ian@cjwellings.com to advertise your tender in print and online.