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Partner Updates

DDN magazine is a free publication self-funded through advertising.

We are proud to work in partnership with many of the leading charities and treatment providers in the sector.

Below are links to their sites and latest news and blog posts.

An interview with John Kneale – Volunteer at Achieving Change Through...

How do you help the Achieving Change Through Employment (ACE) project? I help refugees to integrate into their new community.

What it’s like to run a needle exchange service

The people I see come from all walks of life. The key is getting to know them properly without judgement By Cilicia Wyman, Harm Minimisation...

Matt Wigley – Outreach Worker

An interview with Matt Wigley - Outreach Worker at West Yorkshire Street Outreach Service Tell us about your background When I was younger a friend of...

Drugwise – Promoting evidence based information on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco

The Housing First approach aims to support people with multiple complex needs such as repeated homelessness, mental and/or physical health issues and substance use.

The hidden generation of drinkers

People over 50 are using alcohol as a way of dealing with factors like divorce and bereavement. We need to show them they aren’t alone. By...

Turning Point Suffolk Family Carers win the GSK IMPACT Awards 2019

Turning Point - Suffolk Family Carers, a charity providing support for family carers is announced the overall winner at the GSK IMPACT Awards 2019.

The LGBT body image problem

As part of our focus on mental health this week and the theme for this year - Body Image - to take a look...

Five things we did to help more people carry naloxone

Five things we did to help more people carry naloxone. Putting naloxone at the forefront of everything we do has saved lives

CZAR GAZING – How do we harness political support?

How do we harness political support when priorities lie elsewhere? In the sixth of his series of articles, former deputy drug czar Mike Trace...

I carried all the suffering alone

From a young age, Carol took it upon herself to make sure her loved ones were OK – at her own expense. She recalls...