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Partner Updates

Looking after people on Medication Assisted Treatment during the Coronavirus pandemic

Mark Moody, Change Grow Live CEO explains the decisions they have taken in relation to Medication Assisted Treatment during the coronavirus outbreak.

Broadway Lodge have today launched their brand new podcast

Broadway Lodge have today launched their brand new podcast called ‘Miracle Mansion Podcast’. 

Using digital to help more people

We Are With You talk about the need to develop new ways for people to access support and to make getting help as easy as possible.

Recent Posts

Tips for the home teacher

With many more weeks of home schooling to go, Becky Cranham's tips might save your sanity... One week down, lots more to go. As it...

Q&A – New legal rules around children in care

Solicitor Emma Roberts offers advice around the new legal guidelines around children in care during the coronavirus pandemic. In light of the current health crisis...

We’ll get through this, pledge activists

A comprehensive advice sheet for people who use drugs during the coronavirus outbreak has been prepared by EuroNPUD, INPUD and Respect Drug User Rights....

Categorise people dependent on drugs as high-risk population, government urged

People who are dependent on drugs – including alcohol – should be categorised as a high-risk population for COVID-19, says a submission from Release and...

Children of treatment staff can continue to attend school, PHE confirms

Drug and alcohol treatment staff are included in the government definition of key workers whose children can still attend school during the coronavirus outbreak,...

Coronavirus: Uncharted Waters

The coronavirus outbreak is transforming almost every aspect of our society at dizzying speed. DDN looks at the impact so far on treatment services...

Rehab Spotlights

Residential Drug Treatment from Turning Point

How a unique partnership between Turning Point and Community Rail Cumbria is transforming the lives of service users...

Residential Drug Treatment from Sefton Park

Sefton Park is a residential addictions treatment centre located by the beach in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare celebrating 25 years of helping people become free from addiction.

Residential Drug Treatment from Promis

Promis residential drug treatment offers intensive, expert and personally tailored therapy in unbeatable urban and rural settings.