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Sep14In this month’s issue of DDN…

‘The NHS is committed to treating people with other forms of addiction, but not gambling, and so the onus is on the third sector to provide the services necessary to support those who suffer …’

In this month’s magazine, DDN reports on the level of treatment that is available for the estimated 450,000 people in the UK with a gambling problem. Click on the links below to read more, and don’t forget to join the discussion by commenting, tweeting and liking our Facebook page

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Read our round-up of what’s happening across the UK

DrugsLegal high deaths ‘could’ top heroin deaths, says CSJ

The rate of deaths linked to new psychoactive substances could be ‘higher than heroin’ within two years, according to a report from the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) think tank.




Put health warnings on all alcohol, say MPs

Health warnings should be included on all alcohol labels, says the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Alcohol Misuse, to go alongside a new government-funded awareness campaign on alcohol harm.  



Harm reduction

Foil rules for services come into force

 Legislation has come into force this month allowing services to provide aluminium foil ‘for the purpose of smoking drugs’, with a new briefing from Public Health England (PHE) explaining the new rules and providing advice on their implementation.


Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 12.28.37Scots drug-related deaths down from record highs

The number of drug-related deaths in Scotland fell by 9 per cent last year, according to figures from the Scottish Government, with deaths among under-25s the lowest since records began.




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Loaded diceLoaded dice?

The estimated 450,000 people in the UK with a gambling problem are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to getting access to treatment. DDN reports.


Paul AndersWhat state are we in?

A new, improved State of the sector report is underway and needs your input, says Paul Anders.




Kevin FlemenSemantic challenge

The language of new drugs can be unhelpful at best and risky at worst. Kevin Flemen offers a guide.



Harnessing the strength within our recovery community is the key to answering social problems, say Tony Williams and Mario Sobczak of Kingston RISE.



SueSpanning the years

Recently retired substance misuse manager for Bristol City Council, Sue Bandcroft, reflects on decades of change in the sector.



SONY DSCStill going strong

As Broadway Lodge celebrates 40 years of offering treatment for a variety of addictions, Karen Kirby shares the steps they have taken to adapt and thrive.



AnnemarieBy our silence we let others define us

In the run-up to the UK Recovery Walk this month, Annemarie Ward looks at how far the charity has come and where it’s heading.

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‘I hope other prison inmates reading this can keep the faith and beat the drink, do it on their own and stick two fingers up to a prison system that does not care.’  – Peter Mace, HMP Bure



Media savvy

‘Only poor people are weighed and measured by how much they cost the country. In fact, all of us, one way or another, represent a cost: whether by living too long or studying too much or mismanaging complex financial products.’ – Zoe Williams, Guardian, 18 August


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Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 14.30.31

Marcus Roberts – Policy scope

Right for the people — When do specialist drug and alcohol services play a part in the wider public health agenda, asks Marcus Roberts. Read here.

Steve-Brinksman_w01WEBDr Steve Brinksman – Post-its from practice

Challenging behaviour — Although primary care is an ideal place for treating substance problems, sometimes extra support is needed, says Dr Steve Brinksman. Read here.


Amar Lodhia – Enterprise corner

Mind the gap — Employability support should be an important part of tackling reoffending rates, says Amar Lodhia. Read here.


Alistair sinclair WEB. jpgAlistair Sinclair – Voices of recovery

Becoming change-makers — It’s time to leave our little bubbles and make recovery visible, says Alistair Sinclair. Read here.



Kirstie Douse – Legal line 

Release solicitor Kirstie Douse answers your legal questions. This month: I was attacked – How can I get compensation? Read here

JossJoss Gaynor – Family matters

Voices of strength – Adfam’s carol concert reminder. Read here.




Personal stories and news from the DDN community 

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 15.03.34Obituary – Phil Fox

8 June 1959 – 16 June 2014

Friends and colleagues pay tribute.



Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 14.51.13Obituary - Caroline Blackburn

26 July 1977 – 7 June 2014

Alliance colleagues and friends pay tribute. 


DDN’s place to share knowledge and good practice


Engaging with the experts

Michael Gilbert talks to DDN about StreetRx.com, a new website that encourages the exchange of information between drug users while also promoting harm reduction



Rosie Mundt Leach

 Right to choose

With family planning a sensitive and controversial subject, the sexual health needs of service users can be overlooked. Rosie Mundt-Leach tells DDN how a south London drug service has teamed up with commissioners and sexual health experts to offer open in-house clinics, with promising results.


Sue ReynoldsThrough the gate

Sue Reynolds, the clinical lead of sub­stance misuse at HMP Littlehey, tells DDN about joining the growing number of prisons to introduce a life-saving take-home naloxone pro­gramme for prisoners upon release.


Charlotte Tarrant

Building a network

Charlotte Tarrant explains how Equinox Care’s mutual aid groups for cannabis and alcohol misuse have built a network of support for local users.



Graham MarshallEnterprising ideas

Graham Marshall shares how Spitalfields Crypt Trust’s social enterprises have helped service users build the confidence to get back to work.



Jenni ParkerHelping hands

Jenni Parker tells DDN about the Aurora Project Lambeth, a social enterprise that offers volunteer-led peer mentoring to people in treatment. 



Jonathan MunroUnited we stand

Jonathan Munro tells DDN about the pioneering partnership working happening among prisons in the North East.



Jam Straight bandGood vibrations

Kevin Westbury tells DDN about Jam Straight, a place where people in recovery can relax, socialise and enjoy some good music.



TeamBack of the net

Doncaster Rovers Community Sports and Education Foundation describe how their new education programme is helping to boost confidence and wellbeing.



o4bOpen for business

Julia Dixon-Large tells DDN about BADSUF’s innovative, volunteer-led charity shop.



Natasha BrayLife-saving knowledge

Natasha Bray of the Wallich Community House Team shares how she delivered a successful naloxone training initiative.



If you’ve approached a familiar area of practice differently, or started a new initiative in your area, we want to hear about it – email ddnexchange@cjwellings.com

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England and Wales see sharp rise in drug deaths

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Foil rules for services come into force

Legislation has come into force this month allowing services to provide aluminium foil ‘for the purpose of smoking drugs’, with a new … [Read More...]

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