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JulAug15In this month’s issue of DDN…

In this month’s DDN, nutritionist Helen Sandwell looks at the risk of ‘pure, white and deadly’ sugar to people in recovery. Also this issue – GPs fight to preserve access to shared care at this year’s RCGP conference, and how to improve support for those bereaved through drugs or alcohol.

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DATwo new substances a week identified in Europe

New psychoactive substances (NPS) are now being detected in Europe at a rate of two per week, according to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).



Government to consider benefit sanctions for refusing treatment

The government has re-ignited the debate over whether benefit entitlement should be linked to accepting treatment, with the publication of a new review by Professor Dame Carol Black.

Monthly drug-driving arrests top 400

More than 400 people a month are being arrested for drug driving in England and Wales, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Psychoactive Substances Bill must be re-worded, warns ACMD

The Psychoactive Substances Bill should be re-worded to ensure the legislation is effective, enforceable and does not result in ‘serious unintended consequences’, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has said.

Don’t worsen substance-related bereavement, professionals urged

A new set of good practice guidelines to support people who have lost a family member or friend through drugs or alcohol has been launched by the University of Bath, in partnership with the University of Stirling.

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Helen SandwellHidden menace

For those with a history of addiction the well-publicised dangers of sugar could pose serious risks. Nutritionist Helen Sandwell looks at the evidence.



ecigarettesElectrical storm

With a controversial ban on electronic cigarette use in public places in Wales now looking likely, DDN hears from anti-smoking charity ASH on why, perhaps surprisingly, it thinks the plan is misguided.



SMMGP conferenceBetter together

With primary care facing its severest set of challenges, delegates at the 2015 RCGP national conference argued vociferously for GPs to remain at the centre of substance misuse treatment.  



naloxone tookitKeep nagging on naloxone

DDN listened to a lively lunchtime meeting of The Naloxone Action Group (NAG) at the RCGP conference, looking at barriers to naloxone distribution.



Bereavement guidelinesA right to grieve

How can support be improved for those bereaved through drug or alcohol-related deaths? A new set of guidelines offers advice for professionals who come into contact with substance-related bereavement, as Kayleigh Hutchins reports.




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Recovery rising

Ray Jenkins and Mark Gilman talk about the North West’s contributions to the UK recovery movement.





‘Naloxone is relatively easy to deploy – the key issue in most places is the political will to do so.’ – Clive Hallam, public health commissioning manager (interim), Hereford




Media savvy‘How many lives have to be lost – or simply ruined – before reality and common sense finally prevail?’ – Owen Jones, Guardian, 3 June




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Secret commissionerSecret commissioner

Off the record – DDN brings you thoughts and advice from our insider. Read here.

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 14.30.31

Marcus Roberts – Policy scope

Right for the people — When do specialist drug and alcohol services play a part in the wider public health agenda, asks Marcus Roberts. Read here.

Steve-Brinksman_w01WEBDr Steve Brinksman – Post-its from practice

A breath of fresh air — Why don’t we take smoking cessation seriously, asks Dr Steve Brinksman. Read here.


Amar Lodhia – Enterprise corner

Mind the gap — Employability support should be an important part of tackling reoffending rates, says Amar Lodhia. Read here.

Alistair sinclair WEB. jpgAlistair Sinclair – Voices of recovery

Best foot forward— ‘The volume of activity and appetite for change during September’s ‘recovery month’ speaks volumes, says Alistair Sinclair. Read here.


Kirstie Douse – Legal line 

Release solicitor Kirstie Douse answers your legal questions. This month: I was attacked – How can I get compensation? Read here.

JossJoss Gaynor – Family matters

Voices of strength – Adfam’s carol concert reminder. Read here.

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Andy Irving
Sharing knowledge

Andy Irving discusses a new project in Sheffield aimed at promoting research, good practice and joined-up working.



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E-cigarettes ‘safer than smoking’

E-cigarettes are around 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco and have the ‘potential to help smokers’ quit, according to a new expert … [Read More...]

Government to consider benefit sanctions for refusing treatment

The government has re-ignited the debate over whether benefit entitlement should be linked to accepting treatment, with the publication of a new … [Read More...]

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